Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cartoon on Vancouver Real Estate and Hyperinflation

Above is the latest in the cartoon fad, this one on Vancouver Real Estate.

You always have to love those who make bold predictions.

Recently we've had those who say real estate will keep going up, up, up come out with their comments that boldly proclaim there is no bubble.

As always, it's great to chronicle their positions for future reference.

The blog Financial Insights does a great job of recording a couple such items in their Sunday post with 2 references from Toronto and 1 from the article in the Edmonton Sun.

Speaking of stating their position on controversial subjects, let's turn our attention to John Williams. I have told you before about the author of the excellent website Shadow Stats. Williams is very straightforward in his views about inflation and hyperinflation. His predictions about Hyperinflation are intensifying.

A number of you have emailed me with items about the recent changes in the bond market as a precursor to the start of the tide turning on the American dollar.

Williams, I am sure, would agree with you.

Not only is he convinced significant dumping of US dollars will begin in the next 6-9 months, but he is convinced we will see high inflation in that period too. The youtube video title shrieks "hyperinflation will start in the next few months", but Williams doesn't exactly say that in the interview.

Point of interest: he is calling for ultimate hyperinflation in the United States, but stresses he doesn't see hyperinflation in Canada.

At the end Williams suggests you watch for a massive dumping of US dollars as a trigger sign. It brings to mind another youtube clip that outlines a hypothetical playing out a US dollar collapse in simulated news events. I don't agree with all of it, but I thought I would post it for you to check out.



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  1. awesome video!

    pretty much sums up the mentality of most buyers these days.

  2. Wow... thanks for all 3 clips.

  3. This seems to be the only local blog that even entertains the idea that high inflation is a possibility and ties it's effects to real estate. Keep up the great posts.