Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sat Post #1: Fool me once....

Yesterday we told you how the OFSI set up a twitter account.  We even profiled their 2nd tweet:
OSFI has authorized CMHC to commence web-based social-networking campaign to booster public image.

We noted that this comment seemed odd because CMHC had been on twitter since July 2011. Turns out there was a good reason this comment seemed out of place.

As one contributor to our comments section noted, a closer inspection of the OFSI logo was in order:

Umm... "Office of Starfleet Intelligence?"

The Twitter homepage for the account states they are:
Official Twitter page of OSFI. Bureau de L'étoile de la Flotte de Renseignement 
Ottawa, Ontario
Clever.  Because "Bureau de L'étoile de la Flotte de Renseignement"  is french for 'The Office of Star Fleet Intelligence'.


The real CMHC did launch a new twitter account titled @CMHC_ca, which you can see here:

But the @OFSI_ca account, which was set up a mere hours after the CMHC account, is that of an individual portraying themselves as a civilian watchdog.

It doesn't detract from the media campaign we profiled yesterday by CAAMP (the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals), but the OFSI did not create a twitter account in response.

Ya gotta admire the creativity of the faux twitter account tho... made me laugh.


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