Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anyone spare a job?

If you follow this job you know how we have profiled real estate on the periphery of Greater Vancouver has been sucking wind for the last year and more.

The Okanagan and Vancouver Island have been suffering particularly bad.

In what may come as a sign of the times, should we be surprised realtor's are now jumping ship?

Above is a screen shot of Victoria Realtor Jeremy Eade's former listings.

I say former because it appears Jeremy may have had enough of the real estate business.  It seems Jeremy has packed his bags (or is planning to pack his bags) and wants to head back to Calgary.

Will he be selling real estate?

Check out his Kijiji ad and decide for yourself (click to enlarge):

A sign of things to come?


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  1. Someone I know is going to buy acreage up island and then sell his Saanichton townhouse.
    He said it will sell no problem as it is the best townhouse on the peninsula and will be snatched up by all the retired people moving out west from Toronto!!
    He then said if he couldn't sell the townhouse he would rent it out.
    I said I hope you like being a landlord for the next decade or so.;)

  2. I saw on BNN that the average Canadian's NON-mortgage debt is $25,000!!!!
    I find that an incredible amount.
    Talk about being tapped out.