Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tues Post #3: Good News... HAM still wants your Real Estate!!!

Worried about all that negative press on Real Estate the last few months?

Macleans Magazine getting you down with their cover stories telling you "you're going to get burned" with the real estate you own?

Concerned that houses listing for over $2.5 million on the West Side of Vancouver aren't selling?

Well flush those blues away homeowner, the Canadian Real Estate Magazine has good news for you!
"If you thought Chinese investors were starting to lose interest in Canadian real estate, think again. According to a new report, both Vancouver and Toronto are forecast to be this year`s most popular destinations for Chinese overseas property investment."
Whew... thank goodness.

And who wrote this good news report?

I'm sure it came from a credible, non-biased source, right?

Well... it comes from Derek Lai, director of international properties for Colliers International real estate services. And if the Real Estate mag's article is any guide, there's no real justification offered for the continued influx of HAM other than the fact that it has come in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Sounds like you can take it to the bank to me. Feel better now?


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  1. Ha Ha! I would've guessed that douchebag Cam Good wrote it!

  2. If we are willing to sell it there are enough international buyers to buy out Canada from underneath us. It comes down to questions about sovereignty and what value actually means to us.