Sunday, February 8, 2009

What if you had a firesale and nobody came? H+H Yaletown development condo sale update

On February 2nd we profiled Bowra Group's decision to dump their H+H Yaletown development after 15 pre-sale “buyers” refused to complete on their deals.

Of particular note was the fact this liquidation was to be conducted in true buyer’s-market fashion with Bowra Group leaving it to new buyers to name their price… so long as offers are subject free.

Day one of the two day event was yesterday (February 7th).

This youtube clip is shot outside the Condo Development. It shows staging tents, porta potties and security guards.

The only thing missing were the long lineups and anticipated crowds.

Hardly anyone appears to be there. Reports indicated the organizers made 10 or 12 people line up outside... but when the crowds failed to materialize, it was an eerily quite drop-in affair.


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