Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Google Chrome Warning?

On Sunday we talked about two websites that have gone AWOL.

The first was http://re.olvius.com.  No word on what happened to the site yet.  If anyone has any information, let us know.

The second was Canada Bubble (website address is canada bubble dot com - all one word). There have been no updates to the site since August 2012 and some have wondered if Canada bubble and re.olvius received some sort of legal threats to cease publishing on their blogs.

Curiously when I go to the Canada Bubble site now, this message pops up on my screen:

Because of these malware warnings, several regular visitors to this blog have emailed me to say that - if they are using Google Chrome - the following warning message appears:

The warning seems to appear because this blog contains a link to the blog Canada Bubble in the reading list on the side bar.

I have removed the link to Canada Bubble from the reading list and spelled out the website address in recent posts to remove the actual link. Hopefully this resolves the issue for Google Chrome visitors.

If you encounter any other issues, let me know. And thank you to those who have given me the heads up on this.


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  1. If bloggers are being threatened with cease and desist letters, then we need to do something about it.

    What differentiates Canada from a third world dictatorship! You should be able to express your opinion anyway you like.

    Using MLS is restricted by it's ULA, but I hope that can be challenged under the information act.

    1. First we need to know if any have been (or been told they will be) served cease and desist letters.

  2. Lived in Whistler from 1980 to 2006. In 81, the market collapsed and bare lots went from $60k to $30k in less than a year. The prior real estate boom was great for local builder/speculators if they sold before the downturn. Those that didn't lost their shirts.

    In those days, pretty much all real estate in Whistler were not primary residences. When the crunch hit, things went flat fast. I guess Vancouver will now get some idea of how many foreign owners there are who can no longer afford to hold on to their 2nd or 3rd or 4th home investments as the RE market crumbles.

    Looks like the IMF doesn't want to be caught flat footed in this CBC article.