Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thurs Post #1: Craigslist... really?

This is 2800 River Road in Richmond.

A gaudy 11,900 square feet house situated on a 1.24 acre lot in Richmond's Terra Nova neighbourhood.

This 5 bedroom and 6 bathrooms behemoth has a master suite which includes a spa-like ensuite, walk-in closet, and private balcony. It comes complete with a home theatre, gym, 42 foot indoor pool with bar, three car garage and elevator.

The house has an assessed value of $3,304,000. 

Asking price: $5,880,000.

Yes... this is Richmond, the land of homes selling 25% below assessed value.

Not only is the asking price somewhat deluded and bizarre, check out the marketing strategy:

Craigslist? Really?

And not only are we using Craigslist, but as you can see below it was posted once on October 16th and then FOUR separate times on October 17th.

High end marketing at it's finest? Craigslist desperation? Or sheer real estate agent boredom?

Anyone have a spare $6 mil they wanna part with?


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  1. Maybe someone looking for a used car on CL will see the ad for the house and buy it...

    1. "Yo dude. I was digging CL ads for a 100$ laptop but I saw the pics of yor house OMFG dude!! Daym Just wow!! Gotta have it <3 too much lol!!Awesome!! Just txt me Im in the bus right now!! Cool bye see ya!!"

  2. Still available?
    (I think there's a couple extra zeros on that list price. $588,000 seems about right.)

  3. They'll try for $4,488,000 next year, believing that they've taken 25% off the price.

  4. Virani Real Estate is the agent. These guys are high end luxury agents...why list on craigslist????

    1. Probably the owners kid put up the posting for a lark and a laugh.

  5. Those posts on Graig List must be kept for later sociological research and teaching.

    We are in the midst of the biggest hot air zeppelin, the mother of all housing bubble ever on record. A 5 millions dollars house on CraigList between used video games and massage parlor ads.

    Oh my God ... Duck and cover ...