Monday, October 22, 2012

Mon Post #2: Remember that Telus Garden 'sell-out'?

Do we have another entry for the Liar, Liar contest?

Faithful readers will recall that back on April Fools Day (was it a hint?), the media trumpeted the news that the downtown Telus Garden development had sold out.

That was followed up with our favourite car-cam real estate agent, Ian Watt, telling everyone and all that the 'sell-out' was pure poppycock.

The issue of units in a condo offering going to real estate agents before they are made available to the general public is a topic we have discussed before, and the fact Watt insisted that Telus Garden had units for sale even after claiming a sell-out certainly adds fuel to this belief.

And when you see a Craigslist ad like this one, you certainly have to question the 'sell out' claims (click on image to enlarge):

FIVE Penthouse units available for sale?  FIVE???

Telus Gardens won't be completed until 2015 and a mere 7 months after the supposed sell-out five of the Penthouses appear for sale by one real estate agent.



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