Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frontline - Money, Power and Wall Street: All 4 episodes

Called one of the most complete documentaries undertaken on the financial crisis, PBS Frontline's "Money, Power, & Wall Street" series stretches from the origins of the credit derivative business with a bikini-clad pool-side Blythe Masters and her JPMorgan colleagues to the scary (but absolutely true) fact that the financial crisis never ended.

Episode One: Derivatives Spark a Credit Boom and the Mispricing of Risk.

Episode Two: Systemic Risk. Bear Sterns collapses; regulators fear its effect on the financial system.

Episode Three : Obama inherits a crisis. The President elect faces a crucial decision - Who would serve on the economic team?

Episode Four: Everybody was making money. Despite the crisis, nothing seems to have really changed the culture of Wall Street.


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  1. This is a brilliant series to watch. Best I have seen related to this topic. Everyone should take some time out and watch it. Unbelievably scary.

  2. Watching it now. Incredibly educational!