Saturday, May 12, 2012

"The Sizzle is coming off the Vancouver housing market" - BMO

The Bank of Montreal has a chilling report out that should send shivers down the spines of all speculators out there.  BMO is predicting that Vancouver's housing market could face a bumpy landing.

As reported by News1130 radio, BMO says Vancouver's home prices will fall over the next couple of years.

Year-over-year home re-sales are down by more than 13% in April and sales in the first four months of this year compared to last year are down 20%.

"I can best describe it as a softening of a market," says BMO Mortgage Expert Carolyn Heaney. 

BMO Senior Economist Sal Guatieri says the price of homes in Vancouver and uncertainty over long-term mortgage rates are creating a buyer's market. He also says rich foreign investors who have driven up real-estate prices in Vancouver are now looking at cities that are less expensive.

"The sizzle is coming off the Vancouver housing market," Guateri says.

The report also says condos are being overbuilt in Vancouver and that is curbing demand.

Meanwhile, over at Vancouver Condo Info, regular contributor ZRH2YVR shares some additional inventory facts.

The west side of Vancouver exceeded 1,000 available detached listings on Thursday. Sales are off 17% and listings are up 25%.

In addition to single family houses, a serious flood of apartments is going up for sale on the west side – current pace is for 1,230 of attached units (Apartment/townhouse combined).

Meanwhile Richmond will likely have a 'months-of-inventory' total which is over 12 months by the end of May. More significantly the vast majority of transactions are now for less than the tax-assessed value of the properties. Sales are plummeting by 47%.

Interesting times.

Also... don't forget about out 20,000 listings prediction competition. Put in a comment and let us know when you think Vancouver will hit 20,000 available properties for sale.


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