Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting for Dan...

Was the BMO story a non-event?

The issue caught our eye, we highlighted it and attempted to fill in the details.

Judging by the exponential increase in hits to this site the last couple of days... a great many of you were clearly interested as well.

Soon the mainstream media (Bloomberg, the Globe & Mail newspaper and the Toronto Star newspaper) picked up on it as well.

We expect Dan Amoss will comment on the topic today and, if he does, we will bring it to you. Check back throughout the day.

We believe you will see Amoss key on the same 'weaknesses' that he outlined on August 12th. He will probably stress that he 'suspected that the dividend cut might come as soon as with this August earnings release', but it was not a guarentee. He will probably predict those problems will now be revealed in the Q4 earnings report.

We have our thoughts, but we are going to save them for the moment. Let's see what Amoss has to say first.


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  1. Lets get the facts

  2. Punching in BMO on Google's Financial page got your story as one of only 3 posted for consumption in the last several days.

    I only noticed your postings sunday night and it has been an eye opener on how powerfully Amoss' stories seemed to manipulate the market.

    "Fool me once, shame on you..."