Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Post #2: The case against JP Morgan for Silver Manipulation

Faithful readers know this blog is extremely bullish on Silver and agrees with those who call Silver the 'Opportunity of the Decade'.

Those same readers also know this blog writes extensively on the manipulation of the Silver price on the COMEX.

With that in mind we bring you the latest lawsuit filed in US Courts alleging Silver manipulation by JP Morgan.

This lawsuit, filed on September 12th, is not the first one we have seen filed against JP Morgan for Silver price manipulation, but it is the first that provides details on JPM's specific manipulation techniques.

If the topic of Silver interests you, this is a must read.

11-09-12 FINAL Consolidated Class Action Complaint

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  1. Powerful words, but still just sauce for the goose.

  2. Have you seen the trading volumes of SLW (23,995,800) and FR (6,215,830) today? Who the heck is buying and selling all those shares? Something is going on...