Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thur Post #3: President Obama's Speech

US President Obama's joint speech to Congress can be boiled down to a couple of simple points.

The Teleprompter President kicked off the 2012 Election Campaign by trying to seize the initiative in a bitter ideological battle with Republicans.

In 14 months voters will decide whether to give him a second term.

And with his poll numbers at new lows, with 9.1 percent unemployment, Obama is taking on the Republicans and setting the tone by calling the current state of affairs a “national crisis.”

To revive the stalled economy and avert another recession Obama told Congress he will introduce his “American Jobs Act.” 

If the Republicans vote it down, he will use the issue as the basis for his re-election campaign.

The bottom line is his 'plan' will cost $447 billion by the end of this year.

How will he pay for it?

The idea is to offset the cost with deficit reductions.

Like a tired, old stage play the formula is always the same with a refrain like Wimpy, the Popeye cartoon character: "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

QE to infinity is well underway.

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  1. The Republican approval rating is 13%. They refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy and are dead set on obstructing (not doing their jobs) any way they can just to make Obama fail. Party over country. The last time that happened was in Germany and that didn't end too well.

    That's why Obama will be elected again. Rick Perry is George Bush on steroids.

  2. Somehow people are still of the opinion that who you vote for matters. Big money controls both sides of the phony US democracy. Imagine, in this day and age there are only two acceptable opinions in US political discourse, business party A or business party B. Virtually all the politicians are bought and sold puppets who have never had an original political thought in their lives. Expect more of the same, massive wealth transfers to the rich, austerity for the lower classes, currency devaluations, phony religion and war.

  3. You know, this "teleprompter" stuff is such an interesting insight into the psyche of right-wing lunatics. Whenever I hear an economic commentator use it, I know that they get their information from Fox News-inspired sources and nowhere else, because even a cursory search will give you numerous examples of Obama speaking off the cuff with a lot of eloquence and intelligence. That time he schooled Republicans in a Q&A at their own caucus meeting last year comes to mind, for instance.

    I've come to be very, very disappointed in Obama and his Wall Street-friendly administration, but implying he's a dumb vapid teleprompter reader just tells me you're ignorant and partisan and don't read enough. Given how fucking stupid Bush was, it makes me wonder why THIS president is constantly derided as being "fake eloquent" all of a sudden by idiots who listen to Limbaugh on their way into work every day.