Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beauty, eh?

Back on August 31st we made a post about the latest marketing gimmick from the sales team team at Rennie Marketing for the Olympic Village.

The website hailed: "We’re kicking off a brand new promotion tomorrow—an amazing move-in package of essentials for every buyer—it’s everything you’ll need for life at The Village!"

The list of goodies and incentives for you to make your purchase included:
  • A hybrid bicycle – for your 5KM ride along the seawall to Stanley Park
  • A portable BBQ – for Saturday’s BBQ with the in-law’s, on your balcony or at Hinge Park
  • A one-year Aquabus ferry pass – for a last minute trip to Granville Island or Yaletown
  • A single person kayak – get to know the neighbourhood sea life
  • A year’s worth of one-zone Translink FareCards – the skytrain is only 5 minutes away
  • A coffee per day for a year at Terra Breads Café – just downstairs
  • A pair of running shoes – run the seawall in style
  • A year’s worth of groceries from Urban Fare – an elevator ride away
  • A year’s membership to Modo Car Co-op – for your day trip to Seattle
  • A set of All-Clad cookware – for your Miele kitchen

Well it seems the R/E freebie promotion is starting to spread.

Over in Calgary, Realtor Robyn Moser (rhymes with hoser) has a distinctly... umm... Canadian approach that lacks only the endorsement of Bob and Doug Mackenzie of SCTV fame.

After reading a newspaper story in Chicago wherein a seller saw showings of a property skyrocket by 300% when free beer was offered with the purchase of the home, Moser decided to offer a similar promotion in Cow Town.

As the Vancouver Sun notes, two Calgary homes she currently has listed include the sales incentive of $1000 worth of beer as part of the list price.

The buyer gets the beer on possession.

Moser, meanwhile, proudly smiles with the suds. 

No word on whether or not the offer includes Realtor toques or not.

Good day, eh?

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  1. Or they could even serve beer at the open house...

  2. That picture of Bob and Doug MacKenzie goes back a long ways; they have stubbies sitting in front of them.

  3. Classic clip. Moser is most certainly a hoser.

  4. Hoser, hoe, loser, etc. = Moser