Friday, September 30, 2011

Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse Part's 1, 2, 3 & 4

The latest attempt to cover the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 is this excellent by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Yesterday we noted that Al Jazeera had been broadcasting the series, but the documentary is actually a CBC production.

Titled Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse, the series is a four-part investigation that takes a closer look at the people who brought down the financial world. Here all all four parts of the series.


The first episode of the series was posted yesterday but we are reposting it today for continuity.

Titled 'The Men Who Crashed the World', we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne.


Here is the second episode of the series, 'A Global Tsunami'.

This epispde looks at how the financial tsunami swept the world, how a renegade executive nearly destroyed the global financial system and how the US treasury secretary bailed out his friends.


Next up is the third episode of the series: 'Paying the Price'

In this episode the effects of the global collapse are looked at.  In Iceland, protestors force a government to fall. In Canada, ripped off autoworkers occupy their plant. And in France, furious union workers kidnap their bosses.


Finally we present the fourth episode in the series, 'After the Fall'.

In this episode investigators begin to sift through the meltdown's rubble. Shaken world leaders question the very foundations of modern capitalism while asking: could it all happen again?

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  1. At the end of part four, Paul Martin said that if the real estate bubble in China burst (65 million unoccupied apartments), the 2008 meltdown will look like a picnic.
    I don't know what to think of this apart from that it's not "if" but "when" it happens. And the thought of it is really depressing...

  2. Rumor has it that how the gold and silver take down that we are all going through now is being done—TO US ALL— is something along the following lines—JPM—GS—UBS—FED——players—with the shyster regulators as their partners in crime—are being allowed to accumulate massive short positions in gold and silver based —SOLELY—on Yen&Euro currency derivatives—with—ZERO CASH AS MARGIN—just all— FANTASY LAND—Jap and Euro derivatives paper—rumor has it that it is being run through some kind of MI-6 cutout—along the lines of— “HUMEWOOD”—which is the grand British Maynard Keynes—grand tradition—rumor has it that George Soros— is also SOMEHOW involved with some of his cutouts in Hungary—rumor has it that Geithner is somehow blackmailing IMF queen Cristine Legarde to allow all or some of the above to –GO DOWN—rumor has it that Legarde has told Geithner that—” they are not going to print any more money”—rumor has it that both the French Fries and the sour krauts are ready to cut n run and leave the EU and the Euro and return to their national currencies—rumor has it that Geithner is telling the ECB to try and save their own asses and try to somehow —LEVERAGE—their way out of the PIGGS debacle—rumor has it that meanwhile the BOA Satanist are on the verge of kissing their OWN satanic asses good bye via their 100% worthless—pigs-can-fly—Asian derivatives holdings—rumor has it that as insane as it sounds—some or all of the above is supposed to be— QE-3—hehehehe—roll on the floor - rumor has it that JPM head Jamie Dimon personally will be making some kind of power play type move for JPM to annex-take over the LONDON-METALS-EXCHANGE—rumor has it that this will somehow allow the banking cartel to have a 5 sec lead time trading advantage over the rest of us—POOR SMUCKS—which will somehow have zero in the way of a paper trail/s—and allows them to exceed all of their mostly already completely scam—completely bogus— reporting limits—some of these reporting limits were somehow temporarily enforced when gold and silver were trading at their very recent historical highs—as per your constant reporting in the IF and in your countless radio shows—these so called financial regulators are mostly all ex JPM and GS hacks—so as per some or all of the above things are not so hotsy-totsy in Satan Ville—aka the NWW—aka-World Govt--fantasy land—as one super patriot with extreme expertise in these matters once put it—”the Illuminist-Satanist are powerful—but they are not powerful enough”—so all appearances to the contrary all of us in the subscriber base must—ALWAYS— know is that—G_D is still driving the bus—I KNOW LESS THAN ZERO ABOUT ANY OF THE ABOVE—THEY ARE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF COMPLELY BASELESS—WASHROOM WALL TYPE RUMORS.