Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tues Post #3: The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests go mainstream media (Updated)

For the past week a rag-tag group has been carrying out a protest on Wall Street. Orchestrated on the streets and online, the effort has been dubbed "Occupy Wall Street".

The demonstration is against corporate greed and while it promised thousands, so far it has delivered just hundreds. But the perserverance of the dedicated is starting to draw attention.

Mainstream media have mostly ignored the story, but as Police violence starts to ramp up against the peaceful protesters... the spotlight is starting to shine on what's going on in the streets of New York.

Above is 10 minutes of coverage by MSNBC on the brutality by the New York Police Department.

We will watch developments with keen interest.

England's Guardian Newspaper covers the protest here.

CNBC touches on the story here.

And the Vancouver Courier newspaper covers the Vancouver angle here.

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  1. Interesting, MSNBC spent a long time explaining and providing video of the inappropriate (violent) police behaviour. However, said virtually nothing about why the protesters were on the streets. It seems that the press won't cover the reason for the protests or the fact that Adbusters Magazine, out of Vancouver, helped initiate the peaceful protest against banker occupation of the planet.