Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Countdown to 20,000... what's your prediction? - Updated

When it comes to Real Estate on the Wet Coast right now, the story is all about the burgeoning inventory.

While total inventory has been higher before, never has it been this high this early in the year. More interestingly, there has not been one single day this year where the total number of sales has been higher than the total number of new listings.

However... until prices start to fall noticeably, it isn't a crash or even a severe 'correction'. 

But one thing is for certain - it IS damn interesting. There's a strong possibility we will crack the 18,000 mark tomorrow and all indications are that the Vancouver market is moving resolutely to the psychologically significant 20,000 mark.

So let's have some fun with it.

Each night we post the days total inventory increase/decrease as well as the total market inventory figures. On which night, exactly, will we crack the 20,000 mark?

Between now and Sunday chime in with your prediction in the comments section.

If you don't have a blogger ID and you normally post anonymously, add a pen name with your prediction so we can keep track of who is predicting what.

There's no prize, but let's see who can pick the day closest to the actual day inventory cracks the 20,000 mark.


On another note, many of you will recall how we questioned the media trumpeted sell out that occurred at Marine Gateway, the first such condo pre-sale sell out in Vancouver in years.

Shortly after that MSM fantasy, lightening struck again with the 'sell out' of Telus Garden.

But did they actually sell out?

Not according to downtown realtor Ian Watt.

Such is the state of the market that the ever-bullish car-cam booster Watt is calling bullish*t on the media hype of the Telus Garden sell out.

Even more astonishing is the way he trashes pre-sales and closes by throwing water on anyone hoping to flip their pre-sale purchase at Telus Garden.



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  1. June 12th (Peter)

  2. June 4

    - Robert (Maple Ridge)

  3. Never. The Chinese govt will scoop it all up nder the pretence of unregulated foreign ham individual investors. We all know there is no way to confirm where these ham investors get their money, and our govt doesn't even care to know... and we also know china is flush with money. The Chinese have finally realized the futility and stupidity of fighting about Taiwan and Tibet. Why fight for these marginal locations when Canada is willing to freely sell them vast chunks of Canada's main cities. Its a friendly takeover with the benefit of padding Canada's baby Boomer bank accounts as they retire ad downsize.

    I do kind of feel for anyone born in the seventies or later though. They're screwed.

  4. June 21st Summer Solstice! (buffates)

  5. May 30th. (Jen)

  6. June 3rd


  7. June 20 (MolestoTheClown)

  8. June 5
    Michael J - Vancouver

  9. JUne 1, 2012 (BoneShaft)

  10. June 4th (Ash)

  11. May 29th!
    Keep up the good work Whisperer. ;-)

    1. Nope, May 28th 2012. Not a day later.


  12. June 2 - Terminal City Girl